BBM Beta for Window Phones is Now available for Download


Window Phones Users have waited and expecting the BBM Beta should be available for them.

Download BBM Beta for Window Phones which 
arrives with revamped UI and other features

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Now, there is good news for Window users running window 8 and 8.1 as the BBM Beta is now available for free download in Store.

Download BBM Beta for Window Phones Now.
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BlackBerry, which is seeking to
reinvent itself as a more software and
services driven company as its
smartphone market share has
dwindled, has been lately touting new
BBM features in a bid to make it a more viable messaging tool for clients
such as corporations and government
agencies that are on the lookout for a
secure messaging app. The company, last year, opened the
service to phones powered by Google’s
Android operating system and Apple’s
iOS platform. The rollout to the
Windows phone platform means BBM is
now available on all major smartphone platforms, making it a more
accessible, and possibly increasing its
value within the company.
As said early said by Blen this year, the company is looking in possibilities of bringing BBM App for PC Users.
Mostly smartphones are now running BBM App then Would BBM be available for Symbian Phones soon?…lol


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