How to Automatically Share Blog Posts to Google+ Business Page


Google+ started allowing businesses, brands and any individual to create a Google+ business page back then in 2011. The Google Plus business page is similar to a Facebook business page because it’s purpose is to build a social presence for a particular brand or website. You only get followers on Google+ Business Page instead of likes on Facebook fan page. There are lots of benefit to creating a Google+ page for your business. Google had integrated Google+ into everything: apps, search results, and even advertisements.
Do you have the Google+ Business and you are too busy to be updating it every time you publish a new blog post on your website? Don’t be panic, I will be introducing a simple way to do that.

Auto Share Posts to Google+ Business page

How to Automatically Share Blog Posts to Google+ Business Page

1. Register on Hootsuite or login if you already have account with them.
2. After your login is successful, you will be provided with the HootSuite dashboard.
Hootsuite Dashboard
3. You will see list of menu at the left handside, just go to settings >> RSS/Atom as shown above. While on the RSS/Atom Settings page click on the add icon placed under RSS/Atom Feeds as shown below.
Create New RSS feed on hootsuite
4. A popup will show with title as ‘Add an RSS/Atom Feed‘. The first textarea will ask for your RSS feed URL. Kindly input your rss feed url.

5. The second option is to add your network where new posts find in the rss feed URL will be send to. Click on the textarea and connect your Google Account. After connecting choose your Google+ Business Page.
6. Customize Others as you want it or simple copy the one I shared in the screenshot about but note that we can’t have same RSS feed url.
7. Click on Save feed. Post new article on your blog and visit your connected social network profiles. You will surely find the recenty published articles automatically shared to your Google+ Page.


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