Apple iPad Mini 3 iOS 8.1.3 Upgrade Details

Apple recently released updates to the latest iOS 8 and now users of this operating system are really enjoying it and iPad Mini 3 can as well start enjoying iOS 8.1.3 on their devices.
Today, this post will take a closer look at the iOS 8.1.3 update and tell you more about the operating system with respect to the iPad Mini 3, as well as additional things that all other iPad Mini users should know about this new operating system from Apple.
iOS 8.1.3 comes with more bug fixes
In the few months that followed the release of the iOS 8, Apple went ahead and rolled out a number of updates that included fixes to bugs and other problems found in iOS 8. Even though the issues related to this OS, it had been a headache to many iPhone and iPad users. Apple has worked really hard to ensure that most of the problems have effectively been dealt with.
The latest release of iOS 8.1.3 is another step by Apple towards solving any other pending problem in this OS.

This update is much larger in size as compared to the previous iOS 8.1.2 with its more than 200MB capacity for most devices. One major fix you’ll find when you update to the latest iOS 8.1.3 is related to the amount of storage required to install an iOS OTA update through iTunes. While in the past similar updates required very large storage spaces, the latest iOS 8.1.3 update will take up a very small size of your iPad Mini 3’s storage.

iPad Mini 3 iOS 8.1.3 Upgrade, Whats New? 

When you upgrade to the latest iOS 8.1.3 on your iPad Mini 3, you’ll have nothing to regret about. The performance of this OS is admirable as there are no issues related to battery life, apps, speed or connectivity.
This OS is even better as far as stability is concerned when compared to the more stable iOS 8.
The iOS 8.1.3 will also ensure that your iPad Mini 3 is one of the fastest devices there is today and shows no sign of sluggishness or slowdowns. As far as applications are concerned, the new iOS 8.1.3 has no problem with any major apps when installed on your iPad Mini 3. Even though this OS is a fix to the previous iOS 8.1.2, it cannot be termed as bug-free.
However, it is easy to say that this OS has no any form of bug reported as of now and as it stands, it’s a very stable OS for your iPad Mini 3 tablet.

Does my iPad Mini 3 Need the latest iOS 8.1.3 and Why?

As noted earlier, the latest version of iOS 8.1.3 has come with numerous solutions to issues that were present in the previous versions of iOS 8. Some of these issues even prevented users from upgrading from iOS 7 to iOS 8 but now they are gone and it is now time to get your iPad Mini 3 installed with the latest version of iOS 8.1.3.
If you have done enough homework, you can go ahead and install the latest iOS 8.1.3 on your iPad Mini 3.

However, if you are still in doubt, here are some reasons that will make you want to jump to this OS on your Apple tablet.
You don’t have to worry about the amount of space you have on your device as the new iOS 8.1.3 has
greatly reduced the storage space required when carrying out an iTunes update of the operating system.
The OS comes with a fix that prevented iOS 8 users from entering their password as far as FaceTime and Messages are concerned.
Spotlight will have no functionality problems when the new iOS 8.1.3 is installed on your iPad Mini 3.
There is a fix to the issue that prevented the working of multitasking gestures on an iPad. There are additional configuration options designed for education-standardized testing.
iOS 8.1.3 is believed to be the last of the 8.1 versions of the latest iOS 8 from Apple as the company is thought to be planning on the release of the iOS 8.2. It will be an interesting thing to see how the next version of iOS 8.2 would be.


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