AirtelNigeria Introduces New Data Plans for Android Smartphones


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Airtel Nigeria has just bring in two new low cost generic data plans for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone
users, as follows:
– 2GB for N2,000
– 4.5GB for N3,500
Airtel is marketing it as for Android users – likely to ride on the wave
generated by the recent petition to the NCC (the plan hp mainly for Android users but works on other smartphones). It is just good
In reality, the new data
plans are actually generic plans, and
Airtel have confirmed that they work on other phones.
I Saw some conversation on Twitter about the plan:

Q: Can the Android Bundle be used on other devices?

Ans: Yes, the Android Bundle can be used on other devices
And this is the Reply from @AirtelNIGERIA: Hello @ladigmore22 yes please. Thank you. — Airtel Customer Care (@airtel_care) July 24, 2014
So, we see that the data plans are actually generic and not specific to Android in any way. I did say in response to the petition to NCC for special plans for Android users that the best that can happen is a generic reduction. Unless Google champions it, a special plan for Android users alone is a joke.
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If you are on the Airtel network and
use any smartphone (Android, Windows Phone or iPhone), here is how to subscribe to the new plans

– Dial *141*200# to get the 2GB bundle
for #2000

– Dial *141*450# to get a 4.5GB
bundle for #3500

Dial *223# to check your bundle balance.
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Airtel says the bundle allows users
to enjoy browsing at a more
affordable rate at night
Now, are other networks going to join this plan


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