How to Add Related Posts Below Posts on Blogger Blogs


After spending lots of time searching for related posts for blogger blog most of the results are not perfect as expected. So I decided to update this article for people in need of related posts on their blogger blogs.
Having related posts is to help readers easily find the content relevant to the previous article they have read. Apart from that it also helps blog owners to improve internal links, decrease bounce rate, and have more page views. You’ll see the number of views increase significantly as the to display related posts on the blog.

related posts for blogger blogs

Add Related Posts without Thumbnail to Blogger Blogs

1. Signin to Blogger, from dashboard navigate to Theme >> Edit HTML then click anywhere inside the box and press Ctrl + F to find /head>

2. Copy and Paste the below code above /head>

3. Now to put related posts below the post find the line of code below.

4. Once gotten, click the just above arrow at the left side and paste the below HTML code above /b:includable> tag.

5. Save the theme and you are done.

How to Customize the Related Posts Widget for Blogger Blogs

- To change the heading text size 'You May Also Like'. Change the 5 in 'Arial' size='5' to get required size of your heading.
- To change the text "You May Also Like" to something else just replace the text to what you want.
- To change number of related posts to show, change the max-results=5 in the second code to any number of your choice e.g. to change it to 10 you will now have max-results=10 instead of max-results=5
Now visit your blog from a computer to see related post widget without thumbnail below every blog post.

The widget is based on 'labels', so try to labels correctly before publishing the post.


  1. Hi

    I have been reading your blog the last few days and really enjoy it.
    I am a beginner in blogging, and I am happy to learn from you!.
    Awesome articles and i looking forward to read your all blogs.

    Thank You.

  2. I try, but the blogger display this: The widget with id “Blog1” cannot contain element: “b:if”. A widget can only contain b:includable elements

    May you can help me, please?

    Thank you

  3. Hello, Would you be able to help me? I tried the above and it works great except the max number does not have a limit and some posts have 20+ related posts. Do you know why the max number is so high even though it is set at 5? I tried changing it to 3, 4 etc., but it still publishes 20+ posts. THANK YOU!!!!


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