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Wix is simply a platform that provides clients with practical solutions for their online marketing campaigns. It is a top cloud-based development platform that has millions of users all over the world. The site provides simple solutions for creating an appealing, professional and powerful web presence. Wix is a great website builder for turning your dreams into reality. Perhaps you have always been interested in becoming a blogger, showcasing and selling your photography, or setting up an online shop – you can do it all with Wix. Also, Wix features a great selection of templates and apps to help you build the highest quality site possible. They provide solutions to well over 100 million clients in over 100 countries all over the world. Whether you are a musician, entrepreneur, photographer or musician, Wix is the tool for your needs.

Wix ShoutOut Email Marketing

Wix shoutout

Wix ShoutOut

This is a special marketing tool that helps you to create practical and high-quality marketing emails. This solution has been designed to make it simple for everyone to share, create and send various types of documents. This includes sending invitations, sale promotions and product updates, and you can do it from any type of device. The tools also feature specially made templates with an intuitive editor and use email marketing resources.
The Wix shoutout helps users to improve their marketing skills with helpful articles and videos from the email marketing guide.

Features of Wix ShoutOut Email

Responsive Design and Stats Tracker

A significant portion of web traffic originates from handheld devices and various other types of devices. As a result, it’s imperative to create a site that is dynamic enough to suit any type of device. This is why the Wix platform allows users to create responsive sites. This tool lets you design solutions that look good on all your devices. Each ShoutOut that you send to your contacts is customized to suit their devices. Additionally, there is a stats tracker that lets you keep track of your email marketing regime. Keeping tracks of your sites statistics makes it simple to improve the performance of the site. That’s why the WIX tools are designed to provide high-quality stats. This includes simple to access stats such as impressions and click rates.

Social Media Tools and Simple Contact Management

Social media is increasingly becoming an important aspect of any business in the 21st century. Wix’s Shoutout app has been designed to help users to leverage the benefits of such resources. Users can also share emails across various social media platforms and getting people talking about your products. Additionally, you can also take things further by converting them into Facebook Ads to reach specific audiences. Users can also import all their contacts and email address with ease. More so, you can also classify them into unique mailing lists with more targeting structures.
Wix shoutout

Custom Sign Up Forms and Intuitive Editor

Furthermore, you can also develop your customer base without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is to incorporate a signup form to every ShoutOut. This makes it simple for readers to access your mailing list. You can also customize each shout out to suit your needs. In fact, you can introduce your logo, images, text and more. The highly intuitive editor allows users to develop GUIs that are sleek and attractive to look at.
Another benefit of using the customized forms is that you can group your contacts according to their niche. One of the most critical aspects to consider when sending an email is the relevancy for the reader. Rather than sending out one email that is vaguely connected to your contacts, you can personalize them and make sure that they are relevant. The more relevant the email is, the more likely that your contact will engage.

Overall, the Wix ShoutOut app is easy to use, and a great tool for engaging with your contacts. Particularly during the holidays, you can use the ShoutOut tool to send a greeting to your contacts and remind them about all of the great things you have been working on. You can look for a festive template, and write a small message to get in touch, and let them know that you value your working relationship.

We recommend trying out the ShoutOut tool to help make sending emails faster, more personalized, and to help boost engagement. You can sign up to Wix for free, and try out all of the apps that they have to offer.



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